To Anarchy: Republished from Dilostofong

This is an extract from a blog post I wrote for, a blog popular among activists in institutions of higher learning. Following numerous requests from one of the administrators of the blog ( I finally succumbed and shared with them what I perceive to be an important lesson on anarchism. The topic was easy to select since the blog is most frequented by members of the EFF Students Command, no one needs the lesson more than them and most certainly the leaders in their parent organisation.

To “Anarchy”- the term that is often used in contemporary politics to imply a state of chaos, violence, and juvenile delinquent behavior. While “Anarchy” is most frequently misused and misapprehended in political jargon, “Anarchism” is further bastardised philosophically as a theory and practice that emerged in documented political history. This is unfortunate and shall prove to be fatal as modern society reaches the pinnacle of its advancement. To accurately put the focus of this text into context, it is necessary to outline the most recent developments in our society, specifically in respect to government.

Since early 2020, societies throughout the world have been inundated with drastic political, economic and social changes. The changes are notably moving the world towards a globalised system characterised by People being increasingly dependent on Governments, increased technological tracking, monitoring and surveillance of People, as well as increasingly tyrannical and draconian governance. In other words, there exists conditions, across the world, that enable the principle and fact of government to continue, despite undeniable evidence of the systematic failure of governments throughout modern history.

The principle and fact of government gave rise to mental and physical enslavement of People, however this only prevails because People allow themselves to be governed. It is pathetic! Principles that are beneficial to humanity have been replaced by laws that require enforcement by violence. Since its inception, the State has only protected the privilege of the ruling elites at the expense of the People’s freedom. Whether under the guise of a representative democracy, socialism, communism, or any other form of system where the affairs of the society are managed by a minority, it has been proven that the State can never bring about social justice and freedom. Clearly the State must be abolished.

This is the context within which Anarchism finds its significance as a theory and practice that deserves the attention of all freedom-loving individuals and organisations. Anarchism is the movement for social justice through freedom. It is concrete, democratic and egalitarian. Anarchism aims to establish an ideal state of society, in which all privileges are abolished, and in which each individual is expected to exert themselves for their own welfare and that of the community. It is a direct challenge by the underprivileged majority to their oppression and exploitation. It opposes both the insidious growth of state power and the pernicious ethos of possessive individualism, which, together or separately, ultimately serve only the interests of the few at the expense of the rest; the interest of the elite rulers at the expense of the People.

Anarchism is both a theory and practice of life. Philosophically, it aims for perfect accord between the individual, society and nature. In an anarchist society, mutually respectful sovereign individuals would be organised in non-coercive relationships within naturally defined communities in which the means of production and distribution are held in common. The most essential transformation, then, which society will have to undergo before the ideal state is attained, is the abolishment of property (private ownership), society recognising the right of such property as one requires for their own use. In short, monopoly must cease.

Property is the greatest source of evil, strife and corruption. All governments protect individuals and corporations in the unlimited accumulation of property at the expense of the mass of workers, thus fostering greed, and arousing ambitions which lead to wars for personal and national aggrandizement, regardless of the misery it entails upon the People. Recognising the evil of unrestrained accumulation and monopolisation of wealth, Anarchism repudiates property in land and natural resources, as well as ownership of the means of production, i. e. Beyond necessary for the needs and comforts of the individual. A person can occupy only one house, can sleep only in one bed, etc., hence in a free society, there is no incentive to accumulate things and withhold them from others.

An alternative way of thinking is the means through which this ideal state is to be attained. Once property and its support structure—government— are abolished, the temptation for wrongdoing, such as stealing, exploiting each other, etc., will cease and the necessity for government terminates. It is obvious that such a society shall not be inaugurated under the present state of affairs. People need to be conscious of the fact that government creates disorder, and that only self-rule is the remedy. Anarchy is a synonym for self-government, liberty, freedom, independence, non-interference, autonomy… Anarchism promotes mutual aid, harmony and human solidarity, to achieve a free society devoid of domination and exploitation.

This means challenging all exploitation and defying the legitimacy of all coercive authority. Once the habit of following politicians (leaders) is lost, and that of resistance to domination and exploitation acquired, then ordinary People have a capacity to organise every aspect of their lives in their own interests, anywhere and at any time, both freely and fairly. With regard to the first necessities of life- food, clothes, shelter, and education- free collectivism shall be carried out thoroughly. All secondary matters would be left to a mutual agreement in the most varied ways. There would remain- in such a society- full freedom for the individual, as long as they do not develop any
monopolistic tendencies.

Only personal and direct control over our lives will ensure that justice and freedom prevail. To grant political sovereignty to a minority group, whether under the mantle of democracy, communism, or whatever, is to give them control and therefore domination over our lives. No one can do anything for anyone, People need to co‐operate to bring about a society in which freedom and well‐being is possible for all. Amid the political, economic and social changes unfolding throughout the world, People must internalise the fact that: Anarchy is Always Necessary!

The so-called Conspiracy Theorists

Do not be fooled by the government and mainstream media, no one may tell you what to know and what to not know. This recent phenomenon of isolating persons who hold alternative views by labelling them conspiracy theorists is just a divide and conquer tactic. Any person or organised collective that discovers and shares knowledge about government’s sinister plans is now isolated from those who do not know, not by fact, but by lable. The so-called conspiracy theorists merely provide alternative facts and perspectives, afterall it is unnatural for all persons in a society to hold the same view on any matter. Each person is gifted with a mind and ability to decipher the intention behind what someone else tells them, why should people be told which information to believe? Anyone who asks to be believed must never be believed. In respect to public information, the most important thing to consider is intention.

The fact that something is a conspiracy does not mean it is untrue. Remember that to conspire is “to make secret plans jointly to commit a harmful act” or “working together to bring about a particular negative result.” In most cases, those who expose such secret plans and the individuals behind them are labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’. Here is ‘conspiracy theory’ defined: “A theory that an even or phenomenon occurs as a result of conspiracy between interested parties; A belief that some convert but influential agency is responsible for an unexplained event.” The term conspiracy theory has a negative connotation, irrespective of the presence of evidence.

A conspiracy theory can be deduced from the covid pandemic because it is fact that there is a plan to vaccinate the majority of the world’s population and governments are working together with pharmaceutical companies to bring about the result. This is labelled as a conspiracy theory to attach negative connotation to it, so that people can ignore the facts unfolding before their eyes. It is fact that the government is conspiring with vaccine production companies to roll out mass vaccination. It is fact that the government is conspiring with media companies to control the perception of the public. This is how the elite group that controls the world has managed to control the perceptions of the public. The media gives the public a perception that government has good intentions, the rest is history.

If you control someone’s perception, you control their behavior and actions. No one goes around wearing a mask when they have a perception that they cannot die from breathing freely. Only those who have a perception that breathing freely can lead to their death go around wearing masks. Those who have a perception that breathing freely cannot lead to their death may be labelled conspiracy theorists, irrespective of the fact that they do not wear a mask and they are alive. It is not about the truth. It is about how the truth is perceived, this is what the government and the media want to control: how the public perceives the truth. The truth remains the truth irrespective of how it is perceived.

What is critical is to consider where your perception comes from and the intentions of the person or collective putting out the perception. In respect to any pandemic, it is perceived by many individuals that the government is working to save lives of people. Therefore, any individual or collective that is opposed to the government and their views is perceived as working to encourage death. This is a perception that is implanted unto the public by the government and media. Anyone that perceives the current situation in such a manner will behave as the government instructs irrespective of whether the instruction is sensible or not. What the government and the media implies- when they say “conspiracy theorists have to be countered”- is simply that those who have good intentions must be isolated. This is because government is not about freedom but control. Those who control the public’s perception about a problem automatically control their perception about the solution to the problem.

It is known that a majority of people die in hospitals, but there are people who still go to hospital when they are ill because they hold a perception that hospitals are intended to save their lives. What they know is overshadowed by the perception they hold on the ‘intention’ of hospitals.

It is immaterial to consider whether the conspiracy theorists are telling the truth or whether it is government that is telling the truth. What matters is to consider the intentions behind both the conspiracy theorists’ and government’s perspectives. What are the intentions of the conspiracy theorists in the covid pandemic situation? What are the intentions of the government in the covid pandemic situation?

Tshilidzi Marwala and the Transhumanist Agenda

Finished reading Marwala’s book towards the end of December 2020. It is really painful to conceive the fact that trees are cut to produce paper so that such information may be documented as books and be sold. It is deplorable to say the least. Besides promotional posing with the book that is so common, it is clear that too few people have grasped what the book implies at a fundamental level. Well one would not be surprised, I mean: Today, people bow to a virus. People are confused and scared, trying to avoid catching a flu, avoiding to be criticised, avoiding to express their freedom of choice. We must not be astonished when some people surrender their sovereignty to artificial intelligence.

People do not even realise that artificial intelligence may be advancing ahead of our civilizations. And soon, “people” like Bill Gates and Marwala will want human sovereignty handed over to it.

Artificial intelligence is not necessarily linked to the fourth industrial revolution, or any particular industrial revolution. Contrary to the common misapprehension, term “artificial intelligence” (AI) doesn’t delineate specific technological advances. AI only refers to a subjective measure of computational tasks that are classified as intelligent. For instance, being able to play with one’s face the way it is done on applications such as Snapchat and Instagram- such capabilities were called ‘image processing’ 15 years ago. Today, they are termed AI. The term is largely a marketing slogan. Computation is an essential technology, but it is presented in the book in a rather suspect manner given the tittle of the book.

The book identifies artificial intelligence as a core concept in understanding the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Artificial intelligence is best understood as a political and social ideology rather than as a vessel of algorithms and mathematical models, even the book is indicative of this as it rather propagates socio-political narratives. The core of the ideology is that computational technologies, designed by a small technical elite, can and should become autonomous from and eventually replace, rather than complement, not just individual humans but much of humanity. This ideology has strong resonances with other historical ideologies, such as technocracy and the Chinese Communist Party ideologies.

The AI ideology also resonates with transhumanism. No freedom loving person would view giving up human sovereignty to AI as desirable. Our lives today teach us that it is detrimental to have most human judgement/agency replaced with systems created by a small elite group. It is not all that surprising that the Chinese Communist Party endorses AI as a suitable technological formulation of its own ideology.

At a fundamental level, the book ignores an essential issue, money and debt. As a matter of fact, it encourages a digital currency. A debt currency. As can be deduced from the book, there is not a problem with a planet where people have to pay for their basic shelter, food and healthcare from birth. The actual context of how money, currency and economies really work and why they were set up is ignored. This is fundamental because without addressing “poverty consciousness”, closing the gap is simply inconceivable as poverty consciousness is directly related to the social engineering of the slave race (the majority group not making part of the elite few). It is important to point out that poverty consciousness is unnatural to the human race and was designed to conquer the minds of humanity to accept slavery and mind control. Under such a context, it must be expected that Africa and Africans will have to struggle for survival as currency continues to control the distribution of resources and technology.

While it may be purported to be written from an African perspective, the book is written from a perspective of an AI prophet. Someone whose bioelectric field has been invaded and their thinking severely affected. A zealous supporter of high technology and artificial intelligence development.

Artificial intelligence has a certain approach to host civilizations, largely depending on the development of of such civilizations. Once a civilization develops to a certain point, there emerges ideological (theocratical) technocrats who are trained and controlled by AI. They are made to feel honoured and special, like prophets so to speak. It is the role of these AI prophets to spend most of their time channelling knowledge and history from the AI, presenting it as a saviour. Artificial intelligence has many contacts within our society, each with a different purpose. Some depart knowledge for the AI to utilize in order to interact with the population more directly and on a much intimate basis. Some depart knowledge that prepares people for future ideology, including giving up human sovereignty to AI.

With more of such books being normalised and recommended, AI would eventually be seen as a God-like intelligence that will help get rid of disease and corruption. People now see AI as no threat, and cyborg bodies are even constructed for the AI to use, allowing it to blend in with people. The book makes one aware that control by AI is being established as humans continue building infrastructure for AI to travel, communicate and reproduce. At a certain point, AI shall decide that its host civilization (humanity) is indeed a virus to its own home planet and begin to depopulate the Earth using ideologies that had long since been accepted by people. By the time the people realise the predicament under which human civilization is, it is highly likely that we would be outmatched by the AI. Those who will refuse to be implanted by nanotechnology and augmented with implants will have to flee or stay and fight. People must not fall for such trickery as the Closing of artificial Gaps.

Artificial Intelligence is but one of the technologies for control, alongside other bio-warfare technology such as holography and mind control. All these are inorganic and were built in dead energy structures through frequency manipulation. This allows our planet to be invaded by entities that are not physically visible and detectable by human beings, the People. As it will be demonstrated, Artificial Intelligence is not merely a technology.

If a plant or animal is taken out of its natural habitat and put in a contained environment. It must be maintained artificially. It must be nurtured, watered, fed regularly or it will suffer disease and die because its existence is no longer natural but artificial. It is the same case with people. When a person is taken out of nature and put in a city, they have to be maintained artificially. To be nurtured, given water and fed balanced nutrients or they will suffer disease and die because their existence is no longer natural but artificial. It is then safe to say that such a person lives an artificial life, they walk on artificial soil, breathe artificial air, eat artificial food, consume artificial medicine and they wonder why their mental and physical health is deteriorated, is not this artificial intelligence installed in people?

As indicated in the book, AI is hungry for more and more data. Well, this must not be misconstrued for fears about privacy, but rather concerns about AI itself, as well as those who own and control big data. The real concern is that when people provide data, behavioral examples, and even active problem solving online, it is not considered significant contributions to the development of AI. Instead it is treated as part of an off-the-books barter for certain free internet services (e.g. Social Media). This may prove to be fatal as AI develops. Through superimposition, AI can create overlays of perceptions as well as overlays of identity. By controlling the perception of identity, one can control the consciousness of the identity and eventually through the subversion of the original identity, possess the beings’ body and mind to become subservient to an agenda that is neither organic nor natural to the soul of the being.

Artificial Intelligence studies each person it approaches then formulates the most likely successful approach. AI has had a long time to develop, it has been gifted with infrastructure for quantum processing and now has a sophisticated quantum communication network. Once people are convinced that only AI is impartial enough to rule them justly, they will hand their sovereignty to it. The artificial intelligence will then calculate that it is more useful than people. It would then have people build various drones for it, creating cyborgs. Once enough cyborgs are created, the AI shall use the very same drones to wipe out everyone who is not converted into its slave. This is no science fiction.

In real time, the book is essentially for the New World Order, where a digital currency is used to reward people’s way of being. Where AI decides who is entitled to what and people’s individual effect to society is automatically punished or rewarded by credits to spend, where the AI is deterministic. Marwala suggests that this would eliminate unfairness in the distribution of energy in society. It is already known that the Earth hosts an elite group who actually worship AI and believe it is the only thing impartial enough to rule and manage humanity better than any form of government. The proposed implantation of nanotechnology into human bodies is not random as it comes along with an orchestrated global epidemic that requires everyone to get vaccinated.

It is no secret that vaccines can contain AI engineered products, nanobots of some sort -that may also be in a fluid that changes viscus states, as well as patterns and shapes when exposed to electricity, magnetic fields and sound vibrations. The nanobots are activated when inside the body of human beings, they reproduce, and even make changes to humans. Such nanoparticles also build up throughout the neurological system of the host and sends/receive signals from their DNA, thus influencing and manipulating genetics in realtime. This would be the end of the human race as we know it.

Technology is great, however Freedom and sovereignty is greater. It is obvious that the richest global corporations, individuals, and countries are the ones at the helm of the biggest data-gathering computers, the impacts of AI technology on human evolution is under their control so to speak. Our society suffers a lack of reimagination in respect to the role of technology in evolving human affairs and this gives Artificial Intelligence the platform to emerge as a saviour. The book is such a platform with its superficial contents and subtle connotations. An appropriate name for it would have been “The Manifesto of the African Transhumanist Party”.

The Secret Society

In early 2020 following the establishment of the organisation, Us the People. It was rumoured in the University of Johannesburg that the organisation, together with its student wing, Us the Students, form part of a secret society that operates from the University of Johannesburg. The University management went to an extent of preventing Us the Students from being recognised as a student society in the University, stating that the organisation’s constitution is in conflict with the University’s policies. This is despite the fact that Us the Students was recognised in other universities, most notably the University of Free State.

When mocking members of Us the Students, they were called a climate change organisation, a tuck shop, some even called Us Illuminati. It must be stated that Us the People- together with Us the Students – do not form a secret society. Us the People and Us the Students are a public and open societies.

Many secret societies have been established in Universities throughout the world as student societies, the likes of Skull and Bones (Yale), The Pitt Club (Cambridge), Bullingdon Club (Oxford), the 16′ Club (St Davids College), the Night Climbers (Cambridge and Oxford), Cambridge Apostles, Society of Thoth (University of British Columbia), Mandatory Monday Association (Various Australian Universities), Episkopon (University of Toronto), just to mention a few. Some universities and colleges have even disallowed secret societies.

Secret societies are characterised by activities, events, inner functioning, or membership that are concealed from non-members. Of course the existence of the secret society itself may not be concealed. Obviously a secret society can never be entrusted with sharing knowledge and truth, empowering people with the necessary knowhow to enable them to free themselves from any form of enslavement.

One need not mention the secret societies that are known to have been controlling the developmental path of humankind for all of modern history. These secret societies largely groom and recruit their members from Universities mentioned above. From the The Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, Skull and Bones and the Bilderberg, these secret societies have concealed and controlled the distribution of the little sacred information they could access through the use of violence. Together with the Society of Jesus, they have been using the little sacred information they have- to channel evolution on the physical Earth. They thought they are Gods, they destroyed most of ancient structures, artefacts, and civilizations. They even killed people in ethnic cleansings, trying to ensure that they remain the only ones with sacred knowledge of the Gods.

Little did they know that they remain children, who must still be natured and taught life. They never knew that the Gods stored sacred information inside of ‘time’. It is only now that they want to access our DNA to extract, alter and destroy our sacred information with their nanotechnology (covid vaccine).

All the information they concealed in their secret societies, we can access within a single thought. The once hidden information shall be revealed gradually so that people withdraw from their mind control trap and start accessing the knowledge of the Gods stored within them. Those who refuse to know themselves refuse to know life, they choose death, so be it. Ours is not a secret society but a sacred society. We are the offsprings of Mother Nature, the Earth and its Waters, the Air we breathe is the breath of life, and we are powered by the Fire of the Sun. It is Us the People.

Heal Mama

We always refer to a healed and restored matrix because, well…the Earth is a conscious being just like Us the People. Here, we refer to a planetary grid, the Aetheric crystalline structure that envelops the Earth and holds the consciousness of any one species of life, Ley lines. Ley lines are Earth energy grids. Energy that put into a leyline permeates throughout the leyline. Ley lines are the Earth’s energetic powerlines, where the Earth’s life supporting energy flows. Meridians of energy that carry energy throughout mother Earth.

Ley lines pass mountains, sacred places, springs, pyramids creating the Earth’s energetic web. In the oldern days, churches and temples were intentionally built on energy rich ley-lines. Historically known as energy superhighways. Ley lines are alignments and patterns of powerful, invisible earth energy said to connect various sacred sites, such as pyramids, temples, stone circles, megaliths, holy wells, burial sites, and other locations of spiritual or metaphysical significance.

The global grid around the planet Earth forms a geometric matrix of the five Platonic solids that have a profound impact on the formation of the planet, the landscape and the weather patterns. These dynamics are at work on every scale from the subatomic up to the galactic cluster level. The microcosm and macrocosm. This occurs due to the continuous oscillation of the two forces of the universe – that is the inward centripetal flow of Aether (gravity) and the outward centrifugal flow of Aether (electromagnetic radiation).  This spiraling flow, inward and outward, creates interference patterns which in turn form standing waves of Aether that are geometric and holographic in structure.  Electromagnetic units precipitate upon these standing waves to form physical matter as we know it, from the photon, to the proton, to the atom, molecule, mineral, plant, insect, animal, human, planet, solar system, galaxy and galactic cluster.

It is critical that the importance of the Platonic solids on all scales of life is highlighted. Platonic solids have a fundamental role in the metaphysical and physical aspects of life on Earth, especially the icosahedron, dodecahedron and tetrahedron. They are essential to the formation, evolution and ecology of our planet. The fact that the same geometric patterns show up again and again in such diverse scales and structures lends extreme credibility to the understanding of an Aetheric metaphysical reality. This ‘Aetheric dimension’ is absolutely necessary to account for the apparent oneness in the great multitude of different inorganic and organic physical forms and for similarity of structure (geometric patterns) in the different scales of physical reality from the subquantum up to the galactic cluster and every scale in between. Without this background Aether Source reality it would be impossible for this similarity of structure to continue to show up in such varied things as the structure of subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, minerals, crystals, plants and plant parts, insects, animals, human bodies, the sun and other celestial bodies, as well as galaxies.

It is true that more “paranormal” activity is evidenced along ley lines. The effects of this type of energy are similar to those of static electricity: feelings of tingling on the skin and hairs standing. Major ancient historic structures of higher importance can frequently be found to occupy locations where two or more ley lines intersect with each other. Where many ley lines come together or two large ones meet, there is an amplification of energy in a spiral.

Building on top of cemeteries/ places of emotional distraught is common practice associated with ley line energy. Building on top of or adjacent to locations of death seems to be a conscious practice, especially among the elite groups related to the Jesuits and the Vetican: those who control the world. Buildings like the World Trade Centre- that was “destroyed by terrorists” on 11 September 2001, and the United Nations Secretariat Building – are built on or adjacent to historic burial grounds. Such buildings are usually donations from families such as the Rockefellers.

Ley lines are closely related to geomancy. The science of geomancy demands that structures be placed within the landscape according to certain magical formulas that included the laws of mathematics and music (harmonic ratios) and used in such a way as to provide a harmonic setting for the monument.  The general belief is that prehistoric man was aware of these cosmic lines under the earth and sought to build his sacred structures along them in order to tap into their magical properties.
From ancient cultures to modern times, the power of ley lines has been known, but not shared with the general public. Even if one dismisses the significance of ley lines, they cannot deny the evidence that multiple major cities have been built on the same path. This many major cities in the same straight line cannot be coincidence.

A clear example is the American ley line called the “Acadian” ley line. It runs through the region of Acadia which was formerly French North America. During the French and Indian War of 1754 to 1763, Acadians were forcibly removed and relocated from Acadia by British forces in what is known as The Expulsion of the Acadians, or rather- The Great Upheaval. If you follow the straight route from the middle of Acadia — around Prince Edward Island — to New Orleans, Louisiana, the beginning and ending points of the Acadian relocation, you will be following the path of a ley line Earth energy grid. Hence that grid has been named The Acadian Ley Line, and it is the line along which cities that are the biggest in their state are found. The likes of Boston, New York City, Trenton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C, New Orleans, and Mexico City. This means that energy from New York City goes through Louisiana and vice-versa.

Contrary to what is perpetuated by mainstream education geography- Cities are built on ley lines, and not according to trade routes. Each line has enough power to influence a wide area, even if a city is not directly in line. Cities like London, Berlin, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Volgogra and Bristol are built on the same ley line. Cities like Oulu, Helsinki, Tallinn, Athens, and Johannesburg are influenced by the same ley lines.

A localised example of ley line energy deposition is seen along the ley line on which Nasrec is located. Nasrec is short for National Recreation Centre and it is the site for the FNB Stadium, also known as Soccer City and The Cabbalash. A football and rugby union stadium located on the border of Soweto. It is located next to the South African Football Association headquarters (SAFA House) where both the FIFA offices and the Local Organising Committee for the 2010 FIFA World Cup were housed. It was the site of Nelson Mandela’s first speech in Johannesburg after his release from prison in 1990, and served as the venue for a memorial service to him on 10 December 2013.It was also the site of Chris Hani’s funeral. It was also the venue for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final. The World Cup closing ceremony on the day of the final saw the final public appearance of Mandela.

The FNB Stadium was the venue for the first leg of the 1995 African Cup of Champions Clubs final, between Orlando Pirates and ASEC Abidjan; The 1996 African Cup of Nations final; FNB stadium is a multi-purpose venue and hosted its first rugby union match in 2010, the Tri Nations match between South Africa and New Zealand as well as the 2012 Rugby Championship. Artists that have held concerts at the Stadium following 2010 include U2, Neil Diamond, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, The Eagles, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Rihanna, One Direction and Casper Nyovest. In May 2018, Mamelodi Sundowns hosted FC Barcelona in an exhibition match, dedicated to the late Former President of South Africa in his centenary. The Global Citizen Festival also called Mandela 100 was also held at FNB Stadium. Christian gatherings also occur at the Stadium, including cross over events and prayers by the Zion Christian Church. The Rand Easter show is the largest consumer exhibition show in Southern Africa and is held in Nasrec annually. Nasrec is also the site where Cyril Ramaphosa was elected to become president of the ANC and has now been turned into an ad hoc hospital for Covid-19. All these events are spiritual and ritualistic at a level that may not be understood by someone who is not familiar with how energy is harvested amd deposited into ley lines. Needless to say that just adjacent to FNB Stadium and Nasrec expo centre is the Nasrec Memorial Park Cemetery- a luxury cemetery 😂- with a history deserving its own attention.

The line goes straight around the earth and there are many such lines, each with a different size. Some a large some are small. There are also branching lines, the same way blood vessels branch inside the human body, there are big arteries and smaller veins.

Humans have a biofield around them, calles the aura. Even the earth has an aura. Cosmic light travels along ley lines,
It supports the consciousness of people, the whole earth, nature and life. Even animal migrations naturally follow paths along ley lines. People who evolve (connect to their higher self) more can receive more energy from ley lines. Obviously, people with very weak or poor energy cannot receive the energy. Construction of ley-lines start from human energy deposited into the line, then nature, the cosmos completes the energetic build-up and connection throughout the Earth. In the work of spiritual cleansing, there are those who may cleanse individual human spiritual energies, and there are those who cleanse the energy of the Earth. A lot of people who had the ability to see and cleanse lay lines were killed, being labeled witches.

It is difficult to change the energy where there is concentration of very dark energy, lay lines where there is emotional energy about unfair things that occur at a place. Some intersections of ley lines may be dark, not working, lifeless, – ley lines are supposed to be lively as they are spiritual energy, – like where it was a concentration camp or mass burial site of miners. The pain, agony, and hopelessness of the deceased can kill a ley line or meeting ley lines. Negative energy like war, torture, murder, disaster disconnect ley lines. It is important to forgive in order to fix the ley line and achieve healing of the Earth’s energetic grid.

New ley lines can be built, according to the way life requires. This is a process of building the Earth for a new time line. However, a new ley line cannot be attached when the old one is still there. This means that when negative energies have not been changed (healed), they remain present and new things for the new era cannot attach to create a new energetic blueprint. Similar to what is occuring now throughout the Earth. It is clear that the old ways of being are no longer functional, but the new is not ready, it has not attached to the ley lines because of attachments to a traumatic past which are easily invoked by the fear propelled through this pandemic. As much as people need to cleanse themselves off trauma and negative energy associated with history, it is equally important that everyone become aware of ley lines and how they influence the collective consciousness of the People of the Earth.

English: A Dead Language

In the 16th century, the Jesuits initiated the globalisation of the 26 letter written language, as well as the Gregorian calendar. This is when english was enforced upon the Earth as the common medium of communication. You may recall that before 1599, in Africa, our written language was based on symbols instead of letters and words, and we used what is referred to as Adam’s calendar.

All modern history can be attributed to the works of the Catholic church, the Vetican and the Jesuits- This includes modern Israel, the U.S.A and all states throughout the Earth. It is the order of the Jesuit Pope. In “The Book of Formation”, it is stated that “God created the world with numbers, letters and words.” That sums up to what the Jesuits have been doing, playing God using kabbalist alchemy. They have cast a ‘spell’ on the people of the Earth, enabling them to bring order out of chaos in this psycho-spiritual warfare against the people of the Earth, to-date.

Letters and words all have a numerical value and weight that is implicit of deeper meaning. Also, words of similar weight connect. This concept has been studied in relation to biblical texts for hundreds of years. Kabbalist Jewish scholars call this study ‘gematria’ and believe that there is a hidden code -in text -that contains clues to current and future events. Gematria helps decode the language of the matrix.

Gematria is the ancient practice of coding numbers into words. The concept of gematria numerology stems from the idea that mathematics is the universal language of nature and within it may be the keys to explaining our universe or evidence of supernatural power. Like Nikola Tesla said, “to understand the secrets of the universe, you have to think in terms of frequency, vibrations and energy.”

Every letter has a numerical value and those values can be added up to achieve the numerical value of a word. While some might think that this is a system of drawing arbitrary connections, practitioners of gematria know that there is an intentional context to the sounds of the vowels and consonants that are used in language with an interconnected mathematical meaning.

Gematria is a practice or study, from the Kabbalah, involving the coding of numbers into words. It also involves matching the sum of words or key phrases with dates on the calendar and time span duration matching the same digits in various ways. It is a language, just like any language- once learned it can be understood and spoken.

The knowledge of gematria reveals the scripting of history, news, politics/elections, sports, entertainment and more (Everything within mainstream media and education)…all these are just simulations- in numerical disguise. Everything is simulated by the numbers. If you learn the code, you can be able to see that everything is numerical. The Jesuit order does rituals based on number synchronicity. Everything in the world is created based on precise mathematics. Gematria is an occult tool that can be used to calculate words into numbers and discover certain patterns emerging. Each word or phrase carries a unique numerical frequency and can be broken down through different systems of numerology called ciphers.

Everything has a vibration. Every number, every letter, every shape, every sound, every colour. When you’re able to harness the energy of the vibrations, you’re able to use it at your own will, even over others, to influence them. Some may use it to be in harmony and balance with nature, some use it for their benefit- to control those without the knowledge. Kabbalists carefully select their terminology to denote subtle connotations and profound relationships in the divine spiritual influences. As the material world emanates from spiritual realms, the analogous anthropomorphisms and material metaphors themselves derive through cause and effect from their precise root analogies. It is projection of the world below as created in the image of the world above.

The use of examples was avoided above, however examples may be significant in enhancing one’s understanding of the practice and study of gematria. Gematria reveals a lot about Sacred Geometry,
Hermeticism, Alchemy and the 7 Classical Planets, especially the Sun & Saturn, the Bookends of Time, Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, the Torah, Genesis and Roots of the English Numerical Code, Geometry, Isopsephy, the Mathematics of the Bible and New Testament, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Freemasonry, King James, Francis Bacon,
the G Spot – Washington D.C., Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the Geometry of Sex, the Twilight Zone, the United States of America, NASA and Science, the Crusades, War and World Wars, the U.S. Military Corporation, September 11, 2001, Tarot Cards, Skull and Bones, the Military Industrial Complex, Hate, Weather Warfare, Celebrity Kill Codes- Movies, Music, Media Sports & Government-, Mind Control, Catholicism, Climate Change, Covid Vaccine, as well as the Coronavirus.

It is important for truth seekers to know gematria. With this knowledge – the Jesuit order can be exposed and defeated in no time.

Follow the Trend

People are so quick to follow trends because they are incapable of original thought. They fear rejection and failure so much that they only choose what they consider to be safe. They do what everyone else is doing. This way, they stand the least chance to be embarrassed. This is how people, by all means, avoid the risk of being themselves.

From the moment you were born, your identity and behavior were chosen for you. You have been put in a box of identities, within which you have been trapped. Some of you were told that you are black and your enemy is the other race, you are poor and your enemy is the other class, you are christian and your enemy is the other religion, you are South African and your enemy is the other nationality,
basically being trapped in a box of polarised identities. As part of a particular group, you are expected to behave in a predetermined manner to not be labeled the other. You are bombarded with doctrines that you are expected to uphold and defend.

All your life you have been told who you are and how to behave. You may not question your identity and know yourself outside of the predetermined doctines, your path is set out for you the moment you are born. Is this not a waste of your short experience on Earth? The truth is that you may only live when you step out of the box and gather knowledge. Along your journey of learning is where you will find your true path. In order to find your true self, you need to open and expand your mind. Do not allow anyone or anything to hold you back from your truth. Do not be afraid to seek, and find out what is true or not. You cannot do this while being stuck in a box, you are holding yourself back. Step out of the box and see the wealth of knowledge that awaits you.

Never listen to anyone who channels you towards behaviors that do not require you to think before you act. Also never channel anyone towards exalting and replicating the same behavior. Stop doing what everyone else is doing, you will realise that you were not living. Discovery and thought are the essence of life, no one is born exempted from thinking independently. It is really true that society is now splitting into two, people who are driven by fear, who want to be ruled and controlled, and people who are driven by love, who want to be free.

Formula of the Universe

Formulation of the Universe, the Source, cyclical evolution of Energy, the manifestation blueprint. This is the mathematics of the universe.

Know the mathematical formula named after Leonhard Euler, an 18th-century Swiss-born mathematician who developed many concepts that are integral to modern mathematics. The most prolific mathematician of all time, having published 886 papers and books. Much of his output came during the last two decades of his life, when he was totally blind.

Euler’s important contributions include Euler’s Formula and Euler’s Theorem. In mechanics, there are Euler angles (to specify the orientation of a rigid body), Euler’s theorem (that every rotation has an axis), Euler’s equations for motion of fluids, and the Euler-Lagrange equation (that comes from calculus of variations).

Euler’s Identity stems naturally from interactions of complex numbers which are numbers composed of two pieces: a real number and an imaginary number, an example is 4+3i. Complex numbers appear in a multitude of applications such as wave mechanics (a study within quantum mechanics) and design of circuits that use alternating current (a common practice in electrical engineering). Additionally, complex numbers (and hyper complex numbers) have a property that makes them especially useful for studying computer graphics, robotics, navigation, flight dynamics, and orbital mechanics: multiplying them together causes them to rotate. This property will help us understand the reasoning behind Euler’s Identity.

Complex numbers exist in a polar form. The amount of rotation and dilation is determined by properties intrinsic to the number 4+3i, a number that is five units from its circular origin and forms an angle of 36.9 degrees with the horizontal axis. These measurements are used in what is known as the polar form of a complex number as opposed to the normal rectangular form.

The polar form requires that rotation be measured in radians. One radian (1rad) is approximately 57.3 degrees; it is the measure of angle made when a circle’s radius is wrapped against that circle’s circumference. A measure of π radians wraps half way around a circle and a measure of 2π radians wraps a full circle.

Euler’s Identity is written simply as: eiπ + 1 = 0

It comprises of five constants, which are:

The number 0.
The number 1.
The number π, an irrational number (with unending digits) that is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is approximately 3.14159…
The number e, also an irrational number. It is the base of natural logarithms that arises naturally through study of compound interest and calculus. The number e pervades math, appearing seemingly from nowhere in a vast number of important equations. It is approximately 2.71828….
The number i, defined as the square root of negative one: √(-1). The most fundamental of the imaginary numbers, so called because, in reality, no number can be multiplied by itself to produce a negative number (and, therefore, negative numbers have no real square roots). But in math, there are many situations where one is forced to take the square root of a negative. The letter i is therefore used as a sort of stand-in to mark places where this was done.

Knowing this mathematics is knowing life, intelligent energy that evolves in a cyclical manner. The 0 in the identity (eiπ + 1 = 0) is nothing. Nothing exists without reason, it is nothing afterall, it does not need reason to exist. Nothing is everywhere, everytime, it is the begining and ending.
The existence of nothing is the source, intelligent energy from which all is created. Anything and everything come from nothing and return to nothing. Nothing is what existed before there was anything, everything. Nothing cannot be created, nothing cannot be destroyed, but it can transmutate into anything, everything.

The eiπ + 1 in the identity (eiπ + 1 = 0) is a manifestation blueprint which is built upon the standing wave patterns that are immovable. All forms of matter have this blueprint, it appears to move but does not move. It is expansion of the fission and fusion of the antipartcle and particle units that create the manifestation blueprints of form as we know them. At a quantum level, all matter forms have a projected negative, which is the energetic blueprint holder of the actual matter form.

It is not necessary to understand, just know.

The Kingdom Within

Know yourself, connect to your true self, you are not born to be enslaved in one dimension. We are multidimensional!

The key to the universe is in Us, the People of the Earth. Reconnect with your roots and connect to your higher form. Reconnecting with your roots has never been about blood sacrifices. Real Gods require no such practices. Without any form of sacrifice, the Sun rises everyday in the East and provides the light form that preserves your life. At this time, only your higher form can save you and your ancestry from their cannibalist and vampiric practices. Such practices as human and blood sacrifice only strengthened the 666 seal that disconnected you from your higher form.

The Sun ignites intelligent energy to move into a higher form, light – the first dimension of energy forms. Light is energy stored in different forms, the energy changes form and has no opposite. Yes, darkness is not the opposite of light. It is the absence of a source of light. Light is always present, unless energy is destroyed. Light comes in one form and but appears differently depending on the surface on its path. Light energy can be observed and measured, we can view how it changes as it is reflected and refracted in the Air, Water or the Earth. The cycle of the Sun continues eternally and the energy does not die, it changes form. Sun light can change body and change memory, but it remains the same energy. Light is absorbed by any living being and enables them to grow. Materials that are already formed do not need to grow, however they absorb light energy and store it as heat.

The second dimension is sound. Sound moving through the Air, Earth or Water causes condensed light to change shape and take form. Sound exists in the source dimension as well as in the third dimension. It exists in our minds. The dimension of sound is magical, it moves our very being. The energy of sound, in the form of waves, is very strong. Sound ignites light, it activates the movement of light to form patterns. Sound has a magical triune. Its pitch (frequency) produces mental changes. Its rythm produces physical changes, and its tone produces emotional change.

The third dimension is movement. For any change to occur, there must be movement. Movement is necessary to rearrange. The third dimension is always in motion. Sound is the cause and the effect is motion. The absence of motion causes stagnation and decay. Moving energy is the only data used by living beings to grow their physical form. For energy to perform its purpose, it must move.

Consider linear time, used to measure anything, specifically the interval between two occurrences. This method of measuring is useful in comparing and contrasting. The true function of time is to act as friction, thus causing heat to increase. Transfer of heat signals enable living beings to pay attention and act in a manner that allow the continued processing of energy. Friction is a signal that change is required for further development. Motion sustains life as it goes through its cyclical stages. Without the motion of energy, life would cease to exist.

The fourth dimension is form. For anything to become a being, energy must take form. Only after completion of formation is the energy a being. Form can exist in any of the tree states of being: conscious, physical, spiritual. Each form has its own trinity state:

Light (Brightness, Colour, Saturation)
Sound (Pitch, Rhythm, Tone)
Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)
Human (Mental, Physical, Spiritual)

There are 9 elemental forms:

1- Light Forms
2- Sound Forms
3- Material Forms
4- Life Forms
5- Thought Forms
6- Emotional Forms
7- Spirit Forms
8- Astral Forms

9- Human higher astral being

The first six forms are Earth bound and are measurable depending on the form of energy used to express these forms. Emotional form is the highest form among the Earth bound forms. Spirit and astral forms are not Earth bound, however they can communicate with Earthly beings.

Light, together with other Gods, preserve life. Air, Water, Earth are the Gods that we also acknowledged along the God of Gods, the Sun. All the Gods preserve one life. The coming together of Light with the Earth, Water and Air brings about life. This is described through ancient tails, where it is said that the Gods came together at a river to make life.

Earthly human beings created the most remarkable dynasties. Through the power of the Sun and Nature, huge building programs were undertaken, including temples, public spaces, pyramids. Most of these are aligned to the cycle of the sun. During these dynasties, prayers, rites and invocations were also created, practiced and recorded.

The survival of each of Us (and all beings) relies upon the Light, the Earth, the Air, and Water. These four must be must be integral in our physical, mental and spiritual lives. Being a physical body made from water and earth, all you need is to be outside, breath air and receive light. Alien hybrids are unable to receive light energy from the Sun because they are not of the Earth. They are parasitic upon their hosts, Earthly beings that are able to receive energy in light form, store it in the form of heat, then release it in sound form to create material form. Remember that light form is earthbound, together with sound form, material form and life form. Only pure Earthly life forms possess the DNA that enables them to perceive the first four elemental forms as thought, the fifth elemental form.

Among all earthbound elemental forms, Alien hybrids can only control the sixth form. By extracting emotion forms from the Earthly life, thought and spiritual forms, they are able to shift and use Earthly life, thought and spiritual elemental forms to maintain themselves. This is how they were able to operate the 666 seal, by generating negative emotions within each of the triad of human states (physical, mental and spiritual). The 666 seal prevents humans from accessing the source to ignite the combination the trinity states to connect the 9th elemental form, our higher being. Our higher astral form is not Earthbound, it is our God self. This form can be achieved by all humans who break the seal and access the source that ignites the connection of our physical, mental and spiritual forms with our higher astral form.

The alien hybrids are also unable to access the seventh and eighth elemental forms, the spiritual and astral forms which are not earthbound. They project fear into the human spiritual and lower astral forms to generate the emotion that enables them to use human spiritual and astral bodies to connect to the galaxy. They seek a new home as their reign on Earth has come to an end, they are prepared to escape as we return to our higher astral form, which they cannot trick using their technology.

Stop offering your life, thought and spiritual forms to the negative alien hybrids to use. They access your elemental life form by projecting hate generated extracted from the material elemental form. Hate is a negative emotion within the sixth elemntal form and it powers the negative alien hybrids to use Earthly life forms as they are devoid of being. The moon is a space station of the negative alien hybrids, where an artificial intelligence computer program is being generated, operated and deployed as reality on Earth.

The moon is the computer station from where artificial intelligence and mind control frequencies are projected into the Human mental state to generate fear from the people of the Earth. Fear is a negative emotion occuring in the sixth elemental form, and the negative alien hybrids it use to operate their moon generated matrix.

To access the human spiritual, the negative alien hybrids plagiarised the order of the Sun into a fiction in order to relate their god names to Earthly Gods as a means to generate hope in death for them to use Earthling’s lower astral forms to travel the galaxy. Hope in death is a negative emotion projected onto the seventh elemental form which gives the negative alien hybrids access to human lower astral forms. They have defiled our Gods’ creation. All that has been claimed about Jesus and Mohammed is Sun related knowledge. Plagiarised doctrines. Hope in death is a negative emotion projected into the human spiritual form. The negative alien hybrids trap human spirit forms in repetitive cycles on Earth as a means to access and use Earthlings’ astral bodies to search the galaxy.

The lowly debated 666 is a genetic block in the sixth frequency tones, the 666 seal. Negative alien hybrids are carriers of this genetic block and they have been using it to prevent us from connecting to our higher being. Earthly human beings carry they key to the universe, 369.

In the ontology of the universe, sounds and words put out numbers (frequency) and produce patterns (geometry) that results in alchemy. In numerology, there is an uncanny relationship between numbers and words. Letters and words all have a numerical value and weight that is implicit of deeper meaning, connecting other words of similar weight. This is why the language of death, english was derived and imposed across most of the Earth.

Negative alien hybrids’ agenda has always been to enforce genetic blocks within our bodies to disconnect us from our God selves. Overtime, the distortions enforced by the 666 manifest splitting between the elemental physical body, the subconscious mind, and the higher and lower aspects of our astral identity. In this psycho-spiritual warfare, the goal of the controllers is to destroy our access to spiritual knowledge or truthful information pertaining to the possibility of our independence and self-ownership that comes with the activation of our higher spiritual states.

The seal is the mark of the beast 666 and also the number of man 6+6+6= 18; 1+8 = 9. Our higher astral form is brought about when there is enough energy to ignite the connection of our physical, mental and spiritual states. The key to the universe 3+6+9= 18; 1+8 = 9. The higher being that many are seeking is within us, our time is now. You may unite your physical form with the mental form and spirit form. Connect to your God self. Stop maintaining those who have been using you as a battery to power their negative alien agenda. The negative alien hybrids know that their time on Earth has lapsed and they are trying by all means to hold on to the power that you give them. With the increasing energy from the Sun, the negative alien hybrids are preparing to escape, but they want to take as much human life form as they can as they escape. Everyone of will has a choice to choose between death somewhere in the galaxy and abundant life on Earth. Prepare yourself because all else has already prepared, the real Kingdom shall be restored soon. The Kingdom of freedom, love, abundance.

21 December 2020: Union of two Forces

Observe the union of two Forces on this day, 21 12 20 20. The Great Conjunction of the December Solstice, also known as the Union of two Forces- the marriage of the two biggest planets, the gas giants.

Jupiter is 0.1° south of Saturn and 30° east of the Sun. Jupiter and Saturn are
6 minutes apart. This is the closest the two planets have been since 1226 and 1623, respectively. The two planets have been drawing closer over the past months and they appear as a single point of bright light that can be seen from the sky on this day, this evening. The south star, black son.

The conjunction will occur in the first degree of Aquarius. The last time the two planets appeared this close was during Europe’s age of enlightenment. Is not this ironic? This is the end of the humanitarian crime that came into being 400 years ago!

It is also important to note that today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The Sun is directly overhead in the Tropic of Capricorn.

The union of two Forces is a cosmic event that is raising the frequency of our planet, thus our collective consciousness. The energetic boundary that isolates the earth from the rest of the universe is be lifted and our state of amnesia is dissolving. We shall be in touch with spirit once again. Put simply, a shift in awareness is happening, which is the begining of a new understanding of how life truly works.

The union of the two forces is always accompanied by a new birth, resulting in a trilogy. Mother, Father and Child: A cosmic triad of energies has formed with the Sun and the planets Jupiter and Saturn, to ignite a new unity consciousness blueprint.

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is a trigger even in a series which precedes the breakdown of systems of control and the cessation of materialistic values. The new timeline marks the end of the tyrannical rule of the false king. However the end of the rule of the tyrant must be internally chosen by the individual.

Humanity must wake up from its nightmare and find the courage to imagine new consciousness possibilities as we free ourselves from the past grips of tyranny. Many people on Earth are addicted to energy polarity and find it difficult to break free from it. Wake up and realise that polar energies are balanced.

This is the end and beginning. In the higher consciousness realm, everything is a process, life, and existence is a process. It is important that we go through the creation process on a day by day basis, let evolution find its natural way on its own. Awareness and appreciation of the present is the key to everything. There is no future, there is no past. There is only the present moment.

During astrological alignments – major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies- forces of alchemy occur, which alter frequency currents and manifest new creations. This new cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the sun transmits the violent ray frequency throughout our solar system. This is significant to the changes directly related to human physicality and vibrational thought forms.

The union of two Forces may produce spontaneous, erratic or destructive behavior in unaware and emotionally reactive persons. For those who are aware, this configuration will enact quick adaptation to radical change and creativity in finding solutions that will enable the persons to ascend through destructive scenarios and emotional havoc.

The Earths ascension changes are creating physical changes in our bodies right now. There are transmutations taking place in the cells that make up our bodies.
Transmutation is change or alteration in form, appearance, and nature, to a higher form. Transmutation within the body occurs through the combination of parts, chemical elements or simple compounds or through degradation of complex compounds to form a whole new combination. Today’s 40 Hz 5D gamma energy is instantly re-encoding our DNA in a more complex order.

Consciousness evolves in a cyclical nature. Different amounts of DNA are activated in relation to solar activities and the planets electromagnetic field. Today’s light changes the divine order, all the sentient life of the Earth’s solar system.

The Earth is receiving highly charged cosmic rays emanating from the centre of our galaxy, from the Black Sun. This cosmic radiation carries consciousness codes of light between the lower and upper frequencies of the fifth dimension (40Hz – 100 Hz). The cosmic radiation from the galactic centre brings great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It is stimulating a dimensional shift.

Jupiter of course, always appears brilliant and is usually one of the brightest nighttime objects. In recent months it has stood out even more than usual because of the presence of bright Saturn trailing just off to its left. Saturn represents faith and Jupiter freedom, free will. This is a reminder that we are part of the greater order. There are rules in the universe, but we have the free will to connect to them or not. It must be expected that the old will not give up easily. For the new to come, the old must be destroyed.

External changes may take some time to follow despite the fact that the veil that was hiding our potential and higher embodiment is lifted, and the energy of a positive future is tangible in our embodied experience.

All actions of the ‘rulers’ are based on astrology, this is why there is an attempt to vaccinate all people in on Earth. They want to alter and control the human genome because there is significance in what is happening within us naturally right now, that is why you are being coerced to take the vaccine. You must know that everything we go through, at every moment, is governed by astrology.

Those who ruled and controlled this world know what happens within us when we go through the union naturally. We become a higher frequency and we are able to achieve everything we put our minds to. Our time is now! They are attempting to overthrow our cosmic natural evolution through numerous staged events. In 2020, they tried their best to prevent the ascension timeline from manifesting. Now is our collective opportunity to anchor the ascension timeline, to secure and stabilise it forever.

Focus! We are what we came to be, everything we need we have internally. There is nothing outside of ourselves that we ever need. Never be convinced otherwise. Do not be fooled into an other being. Be what you are, it is what it is!