Open letter to UJ VC

Open letter to Ihron

The Vice-Chancellor of a university the chief academic officer and chief executive. In simple terms, the VC is the principal of the university. The VC convenes and overlooks different processes within the university and also sits in the highest decision making body of the university. The autonomy of South African universities is allowing VCs like Professor Ihron Rensburg to use their political power and influence to perpetuate their own interests.

Ihron is a narcissistic VC who rules a university with militant, anti-egalitarian dogma to satisfy his voyeuristic tendencies. The ability of this man to perpetually oppress young minds and poor workers is enhanced by his character, which is quiet difficult for him to hide, despite using apartheid techniques of avoiding media attention at all costs.

Prof Irhon is a professional liar, a vicious and vindictive man, who potrays himself as innocent and is very charming in front of witnesses. This was illustrated about two weeks ago when he convened a media briefing and failed to address students and workers who had been calling for him to address them for more than a week. He blatantly lied to the media about the state of the university, going to the extent of saying 5000 students had been evacuated from the UJ APK library that day (it is impossible for the library to be hosting such a plethora of students during study break (block week) or any other time of the year for that matter).

This man excels at deception and his capacity to deceive should never be underestimated, he uses excessive charm and is always convincing. The man can evade accountability easily as he never answers questions directly if he even answers them at all. To cover for his lack of empathy, he uses plenty of fine words and lots of form. He prides himself in his ability to outmanoeuvre most people in verbal interactions, especially at times of conflict. He relies on mimicry, repetition and regurgitation to convince others that he is both a normal human being and a tough dynamic manager.

Rensburg defeats workers and students on the table because he is skilled in being able to anticipate what people want to hear and then saying it. However the man cannot be trusted or relied upon because he frequently fails to fulfil commitments and shows symptoms of an emotionally retarded asinine.

One of the protruding factors of this monster is arrogance and prejudice towards certain groups of a society. According to his, he is superior, entitled, invulnerable and untouchable. Perhaps he gets this narrative from being part of and very influencial in the pseudo-democratic and arrogant leadership of the post 1994 South African government. The demons working for the devil describe him as a bully with an impulsive need to control everyone and everything around him. Note that these characters are usually associated with  a psychopathic personality or antisocial personality disorder.

Perhaps this explains why Ihron is very reluctant to meet with students and workers in a mass meeting that will be attended by all who work and study at the University of Johannesburg. When asked for a mass meeting by the UJ #FeesMustFall movement for a mass meeting, he insisted on meeting the students and workers in groups of 30. In these meetings he consistently attacked students who appeared to be radical and were not allowing him to intellectually rape them like he usually does to all UJ employees and students, whom by the way he deeply undermines.

Ihron Rensburg undermines and tries to destroy anyone whom he sees as a potential threat. He usually causes conflict between groups who oppose him by buying certain individuals and using them as infiltrators. These individuals are usually disposed in the lavatory at a later stage. This is simply because, Rensburg will never acknowledge others, their achievements, or even their existence.

More than half of UJ students do not know you Ihron, they only know your newsletters. Stand up and lead, shed all that pride and arrogance before it’s too late. Stop being a bully and be a leader. You could have prevented this, you failed. Now please mitigate these adverse impacts of your actions. Also bring back all students you suspended in an attempt to frustrate and derail the movement.

A concerned student

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