21 December 2020: Union of two Forces

Observe the union of two Forces on this day, 21 12 20 20. The Great Conjunction of the December Solstice, also known as the Union of two Forces- the marriage of the two biggest planets, the gas giants.

Jupiter is 0.1° south of Saturn and 30° east of the Sun. Jupiter and Saturn are
6 minutes apart. This is the closest the two planets have been since 1226 and 1623, respectively. The two planets have been drawing closer over the past months and they appear as a single point of bright light that can be seen from the sky on this day, this evening. The south star, black son.

The conjunction will occur in the first degree of Aquarius. The last time the two planets appeared this close was during Europe’s age of enlightenment. Is not this ironic? This is the end of the humanitarian crime that came into being 400 years ago!

It is also important to note that today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The Sun is directly overhead in the Tropic of Capricorn.

The union of two Forces is a cosmic event that is raising the frequency of our planet, thus our collective consciousness. The energetic boundary that isolates the earth from the rest of the universe is be lifted and our state of amnesia is dissolving. We shall be in touch with spirit once again. Put simply, a shift in awareness is happening, which is the begining of a new understanding of how life truly works.

The union of the two forces is always accompanied by a new birth, resulting in a trilogy. Mother, Father and Child: A cosmic triad of energies has formed with the Sun and the planets Jupiter and Saturn, to ignite a new unity consciousness blueprint.

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is a trigger even in a series which precedes the breakdown of systems of control and the cessation of materialistic values. The new timeline marks the end of the tyrannical rule of the false king. However the end of the rule of the tyrant must be internally chosen by the individual.

Humanity must wake up from its nightmare and find the courage to imagine new consciousness possibilities as we free ourselves from the past grips of tyranny. Many people on Earth are addicted to energy polarity and find it difficult to break free from it. Wake up and realise that polar energies are balanced.

This is the end and beginning. In the higher consciousness realm, everything is a process, life, and existence is a process. It is important that we go through the creation process on a day by day basis, let evolution find its natural way on its own. Awareness and appreciation of the present is the key to everything. There is no future, there is no past. There is only the present moment.

During astrological alignments – major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies- forces of alchemy occur, which alter frequency currents and manifest new creations. This new cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the sun transmits the violent ray frequency throughout our solar system. This is significant to the changes directly related to human physicality and vibrational thought forms.

The union of two Forces may produce spontaneous, erratic or destructive behavior in unaware and emotionally reactive persons. For those who are aware, this configuration will enact quick adaptation to radical change and creativity in finding solutions that will enable the persons to ascend through destructive scenarios and emotional havoc.

The Earths ascension changes are creating physical changes in our bodies right now. There are transmutations taking place in the cells that make up our bodies.
Transmutation is change or alteration in form, appearance, and nature, to a higher form. Transmutation within the body occurs through the combination of parts, chemical elements or simple compounds or through degradation of complex compounds to form a whole new combination. Today’s 40 Hz 5D gamma energy is instantly re-encoding our DNA in a more complex order.

Consciousness evolves in a cyclical nature. Different amounts of DNA are activated in relation to solar activities and the planets electromagnetic field. Today’s light changes the divine order, all the sentient life of the Earth’s solar system.

The Earth is receiving highly charged cosmic rays emanating from the centre of our galaxy, from the Black Sun. This cosmic radiation carries consciousness codes of light between the lower and upper frequencies of the fifth dimension (40Hz – 100 Hz). The cosmic radiation from the galactic centre brings great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It is stimulating a dimensional shift.

Jupiter of course, always appears brilliant and is usually one of the brightest nighttime objects. In recent months it has stood out even more than usual because of the presence of bright Saturn trailing just off to its left. Saturn represents faith and Jupiter freedom, free will. This is a reminder that we are part of the greater order. There are rules in the universe, but we have the free will to connect to them or not. It must be expected that the old will not give up easily. For the new to come, the old must be destroyed.

External changes may take some time to follow despite the fact that the veil that was hiding our potential and higher embodiment is lifted, and the energy of a positive future is tangible in our embodied experience.

All actions of the ‘rulers’ are based on astrology, this is why there is an attempt to vaccinate all people in on Earth. They want to alter and control the human genome because there is significance in what is happening within us naturally right now, that is why you are being coerced to take the vaccine. You must know that everything we go through, at every moment, is governed by astrology.

Those who ruled and controlled this world know what happens within us when we go through the union naturally. We become a higher frequency and we are able to achieve everything we put our minds to. Our time is now! They are attempting to overthrow our cosmic natural evolution through numerous staged events. In 2020, they tried their best to prevent the ascension timeline from manifesting. Now is our collective opportunity to anchor the ascension timeline, to secure and stabilise it forever.

Focus! We are what we came to be, everything we need we have internally. There is nothing outside of ourselves that we ever need. Never be convinced otherwise. Do not be fooled into an other being. Be what you are, it is what it is!

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