Follow the Trend

People are so quick to follow trends because they are incapable of original thought. They fear rejection and failure so much that they only choose what they consider to be safe. They do what everyone else is doing. This way, they stand the least chance to be embarrassed. This is how people, by all means, avoid the risk of being themselves.

From the moment you were born, your identity and behavior were chosen for you. You have been put in a box of identities, within which you have been trapped. Some of you were told that you are black and your enemy is the other race, you are poor and your enemy is the other class, you are christian and your enemy is the other religion, you are South African and your enemy is the other nationality,
basically being trapped in a box of polarised identities. As part of a particular group, you are expected to behave in a predetermined manner to not be labeled the other. You are bombarded with doctrines that you are expected to uphold and defend.

All your life you have been told who you are and how to behave. You may not question your identity and know yourself outside of the predetermined doctines, your path is set out for you the moment you are born. Is this not a waste of your short experience on Earth? The truth is that you may only live when you step out of the box and gather knowledge. Along your journey of learning is where you will find your true path. In order to find your true self, you need to open and expand your mind. Do not allow anyone or anything to hold you back from your truth. Do not be afraid to seek, and find out what is true or not. You cannot do this while being stuck in a box, you are holding yourself back. Step out of the box and see the wealth of knowledge that awaits you.

Never listen to anyone who channels you towards behaviors that do not require you to think before you act. Also never channel anyone towards exalting and replicating the same behavior. Stop doing what everyone else is doing, you will realise that you were not living. Discovery and thought are the essence of life, no one is born exempted from thinking independently. It is really true that society is now splitting into two, people who are driven by fear, who want to be ruled and controlled, and people who are driven by love, who want to be free.

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