The Kingdom Within

Know yourself, connect to your true self, you are not born to be enslaved in one dimension. We are multidimensional!

The key to the universe is in Us, the People of the Earth. Reconnect with your roots and connect to your higher form. Reconnecting with your roots has never been about blood sacrifices. Real Gods require no such practices. Without any form of sacrifice, the Sun rises everyday in the East and provides the light form that preserves your life. At this time, only your higher form can save you and your ancestry from their cannibalist and vampiric practices. Such practices as human and blood sacrifice only strengthened the 666 seal that disconnected you from your higher form.

The Sun ignites intelligent energy to move into a higher form, light – the first dimension of energy forms. Light is energy stored in different forms, the energy changes form and has no opposite. Yes, darkness is not the opposite of light. It is the absence of a source of light. Light is always present, unless energy is destroyed. Light comes in one form and but appears differently depending on the surface on its path. Light energy can be observed and measured, we can view how it changes as it is reflected and refracted in the Air, Water or the Earth. The cycle of the Sun continues eternally and the energy does not die, it changes form. Sun light can change body and change memory, but it remains the same energy. Light is absorbed by any living being and enables them to grow. Materials that are already formed do not need to grow, however they absorb light energy and store it as heat.

The second dimension is sound. Sound moving through the Air, Earth or Water causes condensed light to change shape and take form. Sound exists in the source dimension as well as in the third dimension. It exists in our minds. The dimension of sound is magical, it moves our very being. The energy of sound, in the form of waves, is very strong. Sound ignites light, it activates the movement of light to form patterns. Sound has a magical triune. Its pitch (frequency) produces mental changes. Its rythm produces physical changes, and its tone produces emotional change.

The third dimension is movement. For any change to occur, there must be movement. Movement is necessary to rearrange. The third dimension is always in motion. Sound is the cause and the effect is motion. The absence of motion causes stagnation and decay. Moving energy is the only data used by living beings to grow their physical form. For energy to perform its purpose, it must move.

Consider linear time, used to measure anything, specifically the interval between two occurrences. This method of measuring is useful in comparing and contrasting. The true function of time is to act as friction, thus causing heat to increase. Transfer of heat signals enable living beings to pay attention and act in a manner that allow the continued processing of energy. Friction is a signal that change is required for further development. Motion sustains life as it goes through its cyclical stages. Without the motion of energy, life would cease to exist.

The fourth dimension is form. For anything to become a being, energy must take form. Only after completion of formation is the energy a being. Form can exist in any of the tree states of being: conscious, physical, spiritual. Each form has its own trinity state:

Light (Brightness, Colour, Saturation)
Sound (Pitch, Rhythm, Tone)
Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)
Human (Mental, Physical, Spiritual)

There are 9 elemental forms:

1- Light Forms
2- Sound Forms
3- Material Forms
4- Life Forms
5- Thought Forms
6- Emotional Forms
7- Spirit Forms
8- Astral Forms

9- Human higher astral being

The first six forms are Earth bound and are measurable depending on the form of energy used to express these forms. Emotional form is the highest form among the Earth bound forms. Spirit and astral forms are not Earth bound, however they can communicate with Earthly beings.

Light, together with other Gods, preserve life. Air, Water, Earth are the Gods that we also acknowledged along the God of Gods, the Sun. All the Gods preserve one life. The coming together of Light with the Earth, Water and Air brings about life. This is described through ancient tails, where it is said that the Gods came together at a river to make life.

Earthly human beings created the most remarkable dynasties. Through the power of the Sun and Nature, huge building programs were undertaken, including temples, public spaces, pyramids. Most of these are aligned to the cycle of the sun. During these dynasties, prayers, rites and invocations were also created, practiced and recorded.

The survival of each of Us (and all beings) relies upon the Light, the Earth, the Air, and Water. These four must be must be integral in our physical, mental and spiritual lives. Being a physical body made from water and earth, all you need is to be outside, breath air and receive light. Alien hybrids are unable to receive light energy from the Sun because they are not of the Earth. They are parasitic upon their hosts, Earthly beings that are able to receive energy in light form, store it in the form of heat, then release it in sound form to create material form. Remember that light form is earthbound, together with sound form, material form and life form. Only pure Earthly life forms possess the DNA that enables them to perceive the first four elemental forms as thought, the fifth elemental form.

Among all earthbound elemental forms, Alien hybrids can only control the sixth form. By extracting emotion forms from the Earthly life, thought and spiritual forms, they are able to shift and use Earthly life, thought and spiritual elemental forms to maintain themselves. This is how they were able to operate the 666 seal, by generating negative emotions within each of the triad of human states (physical, mental and spiritual). The 666 seal prevents humans from accessing the source to ignite the combination the trinity states to connect the 9th elemental form, our higher being. Our higher astral form is not Earthbound, it is our God self. This form can be achieved by all humans who break the seal and access the source that ignites the connection of our physical, mental and spiritual forms with our higher astral form.

The alien hybrids are also unable to access the seventh and eighth elemental forms, the spiritual and astral forms which are not earthbound. They project fear into the human spiritual and lower astral forms to generate the emotion that enables them to use human spiritual and astral bodies to connect to the galaxy. They seek a new home as their reign on Earth has come to an end, they are prepared to escape as we return to our higher astral form, which they cannot trick using their technology.

Stop offering your life, thought and spiritual forms to the negative alien hybrids to use. They access your elemental life form by projecting hate generated extracted from the material elemental form. Hate is a negative emotion within the sixth elemntal form and it powers the negative alien hybrids to use Earthly life forms as they are devoid of being. The moon is a space station of the negative alien hybrids, where an artificial intelligence computer program is being generated, operated and deployed as reality on Earth.

The moon is the computer station from where artificial intelligence and mind control frequencies are projected into the Human mental state to generate fear from the people of the Earth. Fear is a negative emotion occuring in the sixth elemental form, and the negative alien hybrids it use to operate their moon generated matrix.

To access the human spiritual, the negative alien hybrids plagiarised the order of the Sun into a fiction in order to relate their god names to Earthly Gods as a means to generate hope in death for them to use Earthling’s lower astral forms to travel the galaxy. Hope in death is a negative emotion projected onto the seventh elemental form which gives the negative alien hybrids access to human lower astral forms. They have defiled our Gods’ creation. All that has been claimed about Jesus and Mohammed is Sun related knowledge. Plagiarised doctrines. Hope in death is a negative emotion projected into the human spiritual form. The negative alien hybrids trap human spirit forms in repetitive cycles on Earth as a means to access and use Earthlings’ astral bodies to search the galaxy.

The lowly debated 666 is a genetic block in the sixth frequency tones, the 666 seal. Negative alien hybrids are carriers of this genetic block and they have been using it to prevent us from connecting to our higher being. Earthly human beings carry they key to the universe, 369.

In the ontology of the universe, sounds and words put out numbers (frequency) and produce patterns (geometry) that results in alchemy. In numerology, there is an uncanny relationship between numbers and words. Letters and words all have a numerical value and weight that is implicit of deeper meaning, connecting other words of similar weight. This is why the language of death, english was derived and imposed across most of the Earth.

Negative alien hybrids’ agenda has always been to enforce genetic blocks within our bodies to disconnect us from our God selves. Overtime, the distortions enforced by the 666 manifest splitting between the elemental physical body, the subconscious mind, and the higher and lower aspects of our astral identity. In this psycho-spiritual warfare, the goal of the controllers is to destroy our access to spiritual knowledge or truthful information pertaining to the possibility of our independence and self-ownership that comes with the activation of our higher spiritual states.

The seal is the mark of the beast 666 and also the number of man 6+6+6= 18; 1+8 = 9. Our higher astral form is brought about when there is enough energy to ignite the connection of our physical, mental and spiritual states. The key to the universe 3+6+9= 18; 1+8 = 9. The higher being that many are seeking is within us, our time is now. You may unite your physical form with the mental form and spirit form. Connect to your God self. Stop maintaining those who have been using you as a battery to power their negative alien agenda. The negative alien hybrids know that their time on Earth has lapsed and they are trying by all means to hold on to the power that you give them. With the increasing energy from the Sun, the negative alien hybrids are preparing to escape, but they want to take as much human life form as they can as they escape. Everyone of will has a choice to choose between death somewhere in the galaxy and abundant life on Earth. Prepare yourself because all else has already prepared, the real Kingdom shall be restored soon. The Kingdom of freedom, love, abundance.

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