The Secret Society

In early 2020 following the establishment of the organisation, Us the People. It was rumoured in the University of Johannesburg that the organisation, together with its student wing, Us the Students, form part of a secret society that operates from the University of Johannesburg. The University management went to an extent of preventing Us the Students from being recognised as a student society in the University, stating that the organisation’s constitution is in conflict with the University’s policies. This is despite the fact that Us the Students was recognised in other universities, most notably the University of Free State.

When mocking members of Us the Students, they were called a climate change organisation, a tuck shop, some even called Us Illuminati. It must be stated that Us the People- together with Us the Students – do not form a secret society. Us the People and Us the Students are a public and open societies.

Many secret societies have been established in Universities throughout the world as student societies, the likes of Skull and Bones (Yale), The Pitt Club (Cambridge), Bullingdon Club (Oxford), the 16′ Club (St Davids College), the Night Climbers (Cambridge and Oxford), Cambridge Apostles, Society of Thoth (University of British Columbia), Mandatory Monday Association (Various Australian Universities), Episkopon (University of Toronto), just to mention a few. Some universities and colleges have even disallowed secret societies.

Secret societies are characterised by activities, events, inner functioning, or membership that are concealed from non-members. Of course the existence of the secret society itself may not be concealed. Obviously a secret society can never be entrusted with sharing knowledge and truth, empowering people with the necessary knowhow to enable them to free themselves from any form of enslavement.

One need not mention the secret societies that are known to have been controlling the developmental path of humankind for all of modern history. These secret societies largely groom and recruit their members from Universities mentioned above. From the The Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, Skull and Bones and the Bilderberg, these secret societies have concealed and controlled the distribution of the little sacred information they could access through the use of violence. Together with the Society of Jesus, they have been using the little sacred information they have- to channel evolution on the physical Earth. They thought they are Gods, they destroyed most of ancient structures, artefacts, and civilizations. They even killed people in ethnic cleansings, trying to ensure that they remain the only ones with sacred knowledge of the Gods.

Little did they know that they remain children, who must still be natured and taught life. They never knew that the Gods stored sacred information inside of ‘time’. It is only now that they want to access our DNA to extract, alter and destroy our sacred information with their nanotechnology (covid vaccine).

All the information they concealed in their secret societies, we can access within a single thought. The once hidden information shall be revealed gradually so that people withdraw from their mind control trap and start accessing the knowledge of the Gods stored within them. Those who refuse to know themselves refuse to know life, they choose death, so be it. Ours is not a secret society but a sacred society. We are the offsprings of Mother Nature, the Earth and its Waters, the Air we breathe is the breath of life, and we are powered by the Fire of the Sun. It is Us the People.

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