The so-called Conspiracy Theorists

Do not be fooled by the government and mainstream media, no one may tell you what to know and what to not know. This recent phenomenon of isolating persons who hold alternative views by labelling them conspiracy theorists is just a divide and conquer tactic. Any person or organised collective that discovers and shares knowledge about government’s sinister plans is now isolated from those who do not know, not by fact, but by lable. The so-called conspiracy theorists merely provide alternative facts and perspectives, afterall it is unnatural for all persons in a society to hold the same view on any matter. Each person is gifted with a mind and ability to decipher the intention behind what someone else tells them, why should people be told which information to believe? Anyone who asks to be believed must never be believed. In respect to public information, the most important thing to consider is intention.

The fact that something is a conspiracy does not mean it is untrue. Remember that to conspire is “to make secret plans jointly to commit a harmful act” or “working together to bring about a particular negative result.” In most cases, those who expose such secret plans and the individuals behind them are labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’. Here is ‘conspiracy theory’ defined: “A theory that an even or phenomenon occurs as a result of conspiracy between interested parties; A belief that some convert but influential agency is responsible for an unexplained event.” The term conspiracy theory has a negative connotation, irrespective of the presence of evidence.

A conspiracy theory can be deduced from the covid pandemic because it is fact that there is a plan to vaccinate the majority of the world’s population and governments are working together with pharmaceutical companies to bring about the result. This is labelled as a conspiracy theory to attach negative connotation to it, so that people can ignore the facts unfolding before their eyes. It is fact that the government is conspiring with vaccine production companies to roll out mass vaccination. It is fact that the government is conspiring with media companies to control the perception of the public. This is how the elite group that controls the world has managed to control the perceptions of the public. The media gives the public a perception that government has good intentions, the rest is history.

If you control someone’s perception, you control their behavior and actions. No one goes around wearing a mask when they have a perception that they cannot die from breathing freely. Only those who have a perception that breathing freely can lead to their death go around wearing masks. Those who have a perception that breathing freely cannot lead to their death may be labelled conspiracy theorists, irrespective of the fact that they do not wear a mask and they are alive. It is not about the truth. It is about how the truth is perceived, this is what the government and the media want to control: how the public perceives the truth. The truth remains the truth irrespective of how it is perceived.

What is critical is to consider where your perception comes from and the intentions of the person or collective putting out the perception. In respect to any pandemic, it is perceived by many individuals that the government is working to save lives of people. Therefore, any individual or collective that is opposed to the government and their views is perceived as working to encourage death. This is a perception that is implanted unto the public by the government and media. Anyone that perceives the current situation in such a manner will behave as the government instructs irrespective of whether the instruction is sensible or not. What the government and the media implies- when they say “conspiracy theorists have to be countered”- is simply that those who have good intentions must be isolated. This is because government is not about freedom but control. Those who control the public’s perception about a problem automatically control their perception about the solution to the problem.

It is known that a majority of people die in hospitals, but there are people who still go to hospital when they are ill because they hold a perception that hospitals are intended to save their lives. What they know is overshadowed by the perception they hold on the ‘intention’ of hospitals.

It is immaterial to consider whether the conspiracy theorists are telling the truth or whether it is government that is telling the truth. What matters is to consider the intentions behind both the conspiracy theorists’ and government’s perspectives. What are the intentions of the conspiracy theorists in the covid pandemic situation? What are the intentions of the government in the covid pandemic situation?

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