Tshilidzi Marwala and the Transhumanist Agenda

Finished reading Marwala’s book towards the end of December 2020. It is really painful to conceive the fact that trees are cut to produce paper so that such information may be documented as books and be sold. It is deplorable to say the least. Besides promotional posing with the book that is so common, it is clear that too few people have grasped what the book implies at a fundamental level. Well one would not be surprised, I mean: Today, people bow to a virus. People are confused and scared, trying to avoid catching a flu, avoiding to be criticised, avoiding to express their freedom of choice. We must not be astonished when some people surrender their sovereignty to artificial intelligence.

People do not even realise that artificial intelligence may be advancing ahead of our civilizations. And soon, “people” like Bill Gates and Marwala will want human sovereignty handed over to it.

Artificial intelligence is not necessarily linked to the fourth industrial revolution, or any particular industrial revolution. Contrary to the common misapprehension, term “artificial intelligence” (AI) doesn’t delineate specific technological advances. AI only refers to a subjective measure of computational tasks that are classified as intelligent. For instance, being able to play with one’s face the way it is done on applications such as Snapchat and Instagram- such capabilities were called ‘image processing’ 15 years ago. Today, they are termed AI. The term is largely a marketing slogan. Computation is an essential technology, but it is presented in the book in a rather suspect manner given the tittle of the book.

The book identifies artificial intelligence as a core concept in understanding the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Artificial intelligence is best understood as a political and social ideology rather than as a vessel of algorithms and mathematical models, even the book is indicative of this as it rather propagates socio-political narratives. The core of the ideology is that computational technologies, designed by a small technical elite, can and should become autonomous from and eventually replace, rather than complement, not just individual humans but much of humanity. This ideology has strong resonances with other historical ideologies, such as technocracy and the Chinese Communist Party ideologies.

The AI ideology also resonates with transhumanism. No freedom loving person would view giving up human sovereignty to AI as desirable. Our lives today teach us that it is detrimental to have most human judgement/agency replaced with systems created by a small elite group. It is not all that surprising that the Chinese Communist Party endorses AI as a suitable technological formulation of its own ideology.

At a fundamental level, the book ignores an essential issue, money and debt. As a matter of fact, it encourages a digital currency. A debt currency. As can be deduced from the book, there is not a problem with a planet where people have to pay for their basic shelter, food and healthcare from birth. The actual context of how money, currency and economies really work and why they were set up is ignored. This is fundamental because without addressing “poverty consciousness”, closing the gap is simply inconceivable as poverty consciousness is directly related to the social engineering of the slave race (the majority group not making part of the elite few). It is important to point out that poverty consciousness is unnatural to the human race and was designed to conquer the minds of humanity to accept slavery and mind control. Under such a context, it must be expected that Africa and Africans will have to struggle for survival as currency continues to control the distribution of resources and technology.

While it may be purported to be written from an African perspective, the book is written from a perspective of an AI prophet. Someone whose bioelectric field has been invaded and their thinking severely affected. A zealous supporter of high technology and artificial intelligence development.

Artificial intelligence has a certain approach to host civilizations, largely depending on the development of of such civilizations. Once a civilization develops to a certain point, there emerges ideological (theocratical) technocrats who are trained and controlled by AI. They are made to feel honoured and special, like prophets so to speak. It is the role of these AI prophets to spend most of their time channelling knowledge and history from the AI, presenting it as a saviour. Artificial intelligence has many contacts within our society, each with a different purpose. Some depart knowledge for the AI to utilize in order to interact with the population more directly and on a much intimate basis. Some depart knowledge that prepares people for future ideology, including giving up human sovereignty to AI.

With more of such books being normalised and recommended, AI would eventually be seen as a God-like intelligence that will help get rid of disease and corruption. People now see AI as no threat, and cyborg bodies are even constructed for the AI to use, allowing it to blend in with people. The book makes one aware that control by AI is being established as humans continue building infrastructure for AI to travel, communicate and reproduce. At a certain point, AI shall decide that its host civilization (humanity) is indeed a virus to its own home planet and begin to depopulate the Earth using ideologies that had long since been accepted by people. By the time the people realise the predicament under which human civilization is, it is highly likely that we would be outmatched by the AI. Those who will refuse to be implanted by nanotechnology and augmented with implants will have to flee or stay and fight. People must not fall for such trickery as the Closing of artificial Gaps.

Artificial Intelligence is but one of the technologies for control, alongside other bio-warfare technology such as holography and mind control. All these are inorganic and were built in dead energy structures through frequency manipulation. This allows our planet to be invaded by entities that are not physically visible and detectable by human beings, the People. As it will be demonstrated, Artificial Intelligence is not merely a technology.

If a plant or animal is taken out of its natural habitat and put in a contained environment. It must be maintained artificially. It must be nurtured, watered, fed regularly or it will suffer disease and die because its existence is no longer natural but artificial. It is the same case with people. When a person is taken out of nature and put in a city, they have to be maintained artificially. To be nurtured, given water and fed balanced nutrients or they will suffer disease and die because their existence is no longer natural but artificial. It is then safe to say that such a person lives an artificial life, they walk on artificial soil, breathe artificial air, eat artificial food, consume artificial medicine and they wonder why their mental and physical health is deteriorated, is not this artificial intelligence installed in people?

As indicated in the book, AI is hungry for more and more data. Well, this must not be misconstrued for fears about privacy, but rather concerns about AI itself, as well as those who own and control big data. The real concern is that when people provide data, behavioral examples, and even active problem solving online, it is not considered significant contributions to the development of AI. Instead it is treated as part of an off-the-books barter for certain free internet services (e.g. Social Media). This may prove to be fatal as AI develops. Through superimposition, AI can create overlays of perceptions as well as overlays of identity. By controlling the perception of identity, one can control the consciousness of the identity and eventually through the subversion of the original identity, possess the beings’ body and mind to become subservient to an agenda that is neither organic nor natural to the soul of the being.

Artificial Intelligence studies each person it approaches then formulates the most likely successful approach. AI has had a long time to develop, it has been gifted with infrastructure for quantum processing and now has a sophisticated quantum communication network. Once people are convinced that only AI is impartial enough to rule them justly, they will hand their sovereignty to it. The artificial intelligence will then calculate that it is more useful than people. It would then have people build various drones for it, creating cyborgs. Once enough cyborgs are created, the AI shall use the very same drones to wipe out everyone who is not converted into its slave. This is no science fiction.

In real time, the book is essentially for the New World Order, where a digital currency is used to reward people’s way of being. Where AI decides who is entitled to what and people’s individual effect to society is automatically punished or rewarded by credits to spend, where the AI is deterministic. Marwala suggests that this would eliminate unfairness in the distribution of energy in society. It is already known that the Earth hosts an elite group who actually worship AI and believe it is the only thing impartial enough to rule and manage humanity better than any form of government. The proposed implantation of nanotechnology into human bodies is not random as it comes along with an orchestrated global epidemic that requires everyone to get vaccinated.

It is no secret that vaccines can contain AI engineered products, nanobots of some sort -that may also be in a fluid that changes viscus states, as well as patterns and shapes when exposed to electricity, magnetic fields and sound vibrations. The nanobots are activated when inside the body of human beings, they reproduce, and even make changes to humans. Such nanoparticles also build up throughout the neurological system of the host and sends/receive signals from their DNA, thus influencing and manipulating genetics in realtime. This would be the end of the human race as we know it.

Technology is great, however Freedom and sovereignty is greater. It is obvious that the richest global corporations, individuals, and countries are the ones at the helm of the biggest data-gathering computers, the impacts of AI technology on human evolution is under their control so to speak. Our society suffers a lack of reimagination in respect to the role of technology in evolving human affairs and this gives Artificial Intelligence the platform to emerge as a saviour. The book is such a platform with its superficial contents and subtle connotations. An appropriate name for it would have been “The Manifesto of the African Transhumanist Party”.

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